The stages of production

Everything is born on the fields. We grow our olive trees in the Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio varieties, in an organic oasis in the Martani Mountains without any synthesis, the treatments carried out throughout the year are all “chemical free”.

Harvesting is still done “by stripping”, by hand; preserving the integrity of the fruit and protecting the plant is a delicate operation that still requires the hand of man.

We deposit the olives in well-ventilated crates where they will remain for a very short time, avoiding excessive oxidation of the fruits. The olives are defoliated and washed. This stage prevents residues of earth and dust from joining the pulp, altering its natural characteristics.

The cleansed olives are subjected to a mechanical process (technically called “milling”) which causes them to break, creating the “paste” from which the oil will subsequently drain.

At this point the experience of the oil master comes into play, he will have to manage the “kneading” process well, paying close attention to keeping the mixture at low temperatures for about thirty minutes (between 22 and 27 degrees).

Subsequently, the “cold” extraction takes place using the latest generation centrifugal separators; without adding any water we are able to preserve numerous quantities of polyphenols and vitamins.

The product obtained will have a superior body and incomparable aromas.